Sewing Pains

So I had my wisdom teeth pulled on Friday.   It was definitely not the most pleasant experience of my life and the week that followed was really hard on all fronts as well.  I wanted to get back to sewing and had gotten this lovely gauze type fabric that I could not wait to begin working with.  I cut out three of the same shirt in the same fabric from a trusted self-drafted pattern.  I planned on binding the edges in a cream colored stretch lace.  The first one I botched-I cannot even remember what I did to it-I think maybe I  sewed the bias tape onto the back instead of the front first.  The prospect of ripping that out while enduring my horribly swollen cheeks was not one I was looking forward to.  Depressed, I started in on the second shirt-and what do you know, I applied the lace as if the arm holes were the neckline!  Bleg, such a dumb mistake.

Finally, I took the last bit of the gauzy fabric I had and cut out a racer-back tee for myself.  At last some success!  This top was very easy to put together, although the armholes and neck do require quite a bit of bias tape if you choose to finish it that way.  The pattern was two pieces (front and back!)-I rounded out the bottom so it would curve up at the sides and then put in a couple of darts for better fit at the top.


I don’t know what it is-I think I must have some kind of sewing diseases.  After I finished this top, I continued work on a circle skirt I am making of brown crinkle voile for a friend for renaissance festival.  The skirt is split at the front and I thought it would be nice to finish the open edges with some satin ribbon.  Epic fail number 3.  I now have one lovely summer top and three things which I am dreading ripping out.


Over the past few years, I have gotten really good at making mistakes and then ripping them out directly-but I normally don’t make so many stupid mistakes in a row on multiple garments.  It is so hard for me in times like these-I do not want my frustration about these projects to hold me back from other things I have to finish.  And I also hate to leave a project feeling defeated, but I am seriously contemplating re purposing the fabric from those two tops into something…smaller.

June '13 038

Thanks to my husband Woody for taking the pictures!  We took them at his grandma Linda’s house and her Clematis was blooming like crazy.  Does anyone else think Clematis sounds like an STD?  I can’t say that word without thinking it!