An eighties party and an ugly dress

So about a month ago, we went to an 80’s party for my friend Sarah’s birthday.  Zoe went as Yoda (Zoda).  I just had her wear a little green dress that she had,  Sarah provided me with a Yoda hat, and I made a tiny Jedi robe for her.

All she was missing was the light sabre, although I don’t think they hand those out to padawans.   To make the robe, I simply made a pattern from a t-shirt that fit her (there is a great tutorial on how to do this over at Craftiness Is Not Optional).  Instead of placing a seam down the front center, I extended both of the front pieces so that they almost touched the side seams.  On the inside, I added a little tie and on the front, a beige button to fasten it.  I also added a little flare to the bottom of the sleeves.  In retrospect, I probably should have made it a couple inches longer to cover those chubby legs, but overall I would say it turned out well.

Woody went as John Cusack from Say Anything (much to his chagrin…everyone always tells him he looks like John Cusack). But mine was the best costume really.

I took the opportunity to dress up as Molly Ringwald, whose movies I just adore.  My favorite film of hers is Pretty in Pink, so naturally I made her infamous prom dress.

People seem to either  love that dress or hate it and before I made this dress, I would have fallen in the second group.  But Woody really loves this dress, and I hate to admit it, but I think I have also been won over.   I started with a pattern I had made of a batwing sleeved shirt I had .  The front and back were both cut on the fold.

I widened the neckline so that it would hang off of the shoulders and then lengthened the entire thing.  I did cheat a little bit by adding a dart on either side of the lace at the neckline, but that was only to keep the dress on (there were kids at the party, alright?).  The lace was by far the most difficult part.  Working solo, I had to hold up the dress which has no way of staying up without that oh-so-flattering pink dog collar.  But in the end I made it work.   I actually was surprised at how well this dress turned out and now I have a great costume for Halloween this year…I must figure out an easier way to do my hair next time though.