The Little Prince Embroidery Art

This is a project I probably should have posted a long while ago.  I made these for a friend as a  wedding present.  The text comes from the book Le Petite Prince and it means one sees well only with the heart. If you have not read this book, definitely check it out-it’s a classic!


When I made these (my computer tells me that was back in August…yikes!) I kept seeing such beautiful embroidery work with French knots, which are oh so fun and easy to make.  For a great tutorial on French knots, checkout Sublime Stitching’s website…which also has super cute hand embroidery patterns by the way.


I love these little dandelions, they went together really quick.  The text in that gold thread I used is, however, another story.  I hate to embroider words-it is just so difficult for me, and yet I keep doing it.


To be honest, I am just not very faithful to the art of embroidery; I just dabble in it when it suits me.  I am a seamstress at heart!

These embroidery hoops turned out so cute I really wanted to make a set for myself…they just looked so nice on my wall.


And here is the set hanging on my wall before being shipped off.  Sorry about my picture quality-I am a work in progress in that arena.  That, and my nice camera broke so I am down to my little Sony Cybershot until we can work something else out, which will probably take a while.


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